List of works

In chronological order

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1961*VARIATIES for piano solo [6']
1963/67PAROESIE for 10 instruments[10']
1965HERFST for organ solo [13']
1966/67*TRANSFORMATION 1 (‘on the way to Hallelujah’) for mixed choir and orchestra [18']
1967/69INTROITUS for choir and wind ensemble [12']
1968HUANTAN for organ and wind orchestra [13']
1969/70BAU for chamber orchestra [13']
1971ENSEMBLES for mixed choir [6']
1972ELEMENTS OF LOGIC for large wind ensemble (co-author Jos Kunst) [10']
1975KRI for mezzo soprano, mixed choir and instrumental ensemble[11']
1980/81HETEROSTASE for flute, bass clarinet and piano[10']
1981TOQUE POR LA TIERRA VACÍA for 2 guitars [10']
1982**ALBEDO I, magnetic tape (UPIC, Paris) – CD held at NEAR [9']
1983/86GRAVITY’S DANCE for piano solo[15']
1983/87VECTORIAL for 6 wind instruments and piano [12']
1984/91JETS D’ORGUE for large organ [60']
1985ATHENA KERAMITIS for Contrabass-flute and bass clarinet[16']
1986WU LI for cello solo[20']
1986/97HALLELUJAH I for bass clarinet and large symphony orchestra[60']
1987/88HALLELUJAH II for large ensemble (26 players)[12']
19913 SONGS (Paul Celan) for soprano & orchestra [14']
1992...DE ORIGEN VOLCÁNICO - Overture for symphony orchestra[8']
1992/93SYMBIOSIS for flute(s), bcl, tbn, pf, and string quintet[40']
1994AURA interlude for piano solo[2'30"]
1997KHEPERA for alto-flute en alto-clarinet[10']
1998DU-DICH-DIR for mixed choir a capella (text Paul Celan)[13']
1998/99PIANO QUINTET for pf, vl, vla, vcl, Cb.[30']
1999CHOIR BOOK part 1, 4 studies for male choir[20']
1999/2000IN PARADISUM for large instrumental ensemble (20 players) [21']
2000ALBEDO II for bass clarinet, guitar and electronics (CD with click-track at NEAR)[9'30"]
2000/01GROSSE FUGE for 6 percussion and organ[24']
2001/02HYMN TO RA for soloists, choir & orchestra [30']
2003PAS CREVER for soprano, vln. vcl. fl. bclar. vibr. & pf. [12']
2003ENTRE EL OLIVO Y EL HOMBRE for mixed choir [35']
2004ANATOMY OF PASSION for cello & piano[30']
2004***ENDLESSLY ROCKING for choir & large wind band See note 5. [26']
2005VOICE OF THE PLANET for cello & orchestra [33']
2006ECHO 13.7 for piano & orchestra[30']
2006MEDEN AGAN for piano[17']
2007PHAGOCITOSIS - Overture for symphony orchestra[6']
2007BACHANALIA for organ[12']
2007LUNE PLAINE CIEL ET MORT for mixed choir[7']
2007IMAGINE THE MOUNTAIN for Violin & Piano[17']
2008AUTORAP II for mixed choir [7']
2008MANITOU for string quartet[22']
2009CRITICAL MASS for string quartet [8']
2009/10METAMORPHOSES for symphony orchestra in 4 movements[35']
2010POLDER GEZANGEN voor kamerkoor (4444)[12']
2011LIEBESTRÄUME for piano solo[40']
2011JOY for cello and piano[10']
2011KOYOPA for large choir and 3 percussion[10']
2012THE SHINING for string orchestra[22']
2013SYMPHONIC DANCES for cello solo[18']
2013/14DEGREES OF FREEDOM for clar. vln, cello & piano[12']
2014MEDEN AGAN 4-6 for piano solo[15']
2014CIUDAD DE LOS MALDITOS for symphony orchestra[5']
2015TOMBEAU DES VIES MANQUÉES for orchestra[6']
2015/16LA GUERRA for mezzo soprano, baritone, choir & orchestra[16']
2017MEDITATION for piano & string orchestra[7']
2017PEREGRINATION for oboe, clar. in B, sopr. sax., CBclar. and bassoon [10']
2017CALEFACTOTUM for oboe, clar. in B, alto sax., Bclar. and bassoon [20']
2018MOUVEMENT for string quartet [12']
2016/18SONATA for piccolo and piano [25']
2019/20CONCERTO for piccolo, piano and orchestra [35']
2020/21CONCERTO for piano and orchestra [35']
2021/22EVENT HORIZON for two pianos [13']


  1. All works are published by Donemus-Amsterdam. Those marked with one asterix are available from the composer in manuscript.
  2. **NEAR – center for Netherlands Electro-Acoustic Repertoire. Near
  3. From HUANTAN onward all works were written on commission.
  4. Gravity’s Dance, Khepera, Aura en Heterostase together form the cycle ECLIPSE. Khepera can be replaced by Athena Keramitis if a double-bass flute is available.
  5. ***ENDLESSLY ROCKING is published by Mansarda-Sintra Muziekuitgaven, Huizen/Hilversum, The Netherlands.