1992 …DE ORIGEN VOLCÁNICO – Overture for symphony orchestra

…DE ORIGEN VOLCÁNICO (1991). This short but explosive work for symphony orchestra was originally designed as an overture to the 3 Songs. Because of the songs’ sparse accompaniment I wanted to give the ensemble something more substantial to work on, engaging each player to maximum effect in an effort to raise the roof in collective outbursts.

Since we humans – and almost everything around us – are of volcanic origin anyway, the title …De Origen Volcánico is comparatively tautological. On the other hand it might focus our attention – however fleetingly – on something we don’t contemplate every moment of the day. The music doesn’t try to imitate volcanoes in any way whatsoever. It is simply a residue, an echo, if not a manifestation of primordial volcanic energy, just as a flower, a bird, a tropical storm, an atomic reaction, an act of love, a composer… are of volcanic origin.

…De Origen Volcánico is dedicated to Lucas Vis as a thank-you for our cooperation during the rehearsals and performance of Hallelujah I with the Radio Symphony Orchestra and Harry Sparnaay in September 1991. It was therefore a fitting coincidence when Lucas conducted the first Dutch performance with the Brabants Orkest in Eindhoven in 1995 – a beautiful recording of which is available at Donemus. Its world premiere was given by the New Stroud Orchestra for which it was written, and I conducted that performance myself.