Recordings & Publications

Jan Vriend Recordings

  • Elements of Logic and Huantan – Residentie Orkest cond. Ernest Bour; Radio Wind Ensemble, cond. Hans Vonk – DAVS 7475/3*
  • Hallelujah II – ASKO ensemble cond. David Porcelijn – CV 57
  • Heterostase – Het Ensemble (Harry Starreveld, Harry Sparnaaij, René Eckhardt) – CV 8501*
  • Huantan – Radio Wind Ensemble cond. Hans Vonk – CV 45/46
  • Variaties voor Piano – Bart Berman – GOLF 6812 575*
  • Entre el Olivo y el Hombre, Du-Dich-Dir, Choir Book I for male choir and Ensembles – Nederlands Kamerkoor cond. Klaas Stok – ETCETERA KTC 1385
  • Jets d’Orgue I, II & III – Jan Hage, organist. Müller Organ in the Grote of St Bavokerk, Haarlem – QUINTONE Q10007 (
  • Joy for cello & piano – Joy and James Lisney, Woodhouse Editions (WOODCD811) with works by Schubert, Lutoslawsky, Chopin and Debussy.
  • Sonata for piccolo and piano – Ilonka Kolthof & Ralph van Raat on trptk TTK0044. Other works by PJ van Rossum, Allan Segall, Bart Spaan and Ned McGowan.
  • Jan Vriend, double album with Chamber, Orchestral and Choral music – Attacca 2023167. 
    1. Anatomy of Passion (James and Joy Lisney)
    2. Critical Mass (Rubens Quartet)
    3. Event Horizon (Ralph van Raat and Maarten van Veen)
    4. Symphonic Dances (Joy Lisney)
    5. Phagocytosis (Radio Philharmonic cond. Misha Hamel)
    6. Echo 13.7 (Ralph van Raat with Holland Symfonia, cond. Otto Tausk)
    7. Ciudad de los Malditos (Brno Philharmonic Orchestra cond. Mikel Toms)
    8. Hymn to Ra (Capella Amsterdam, Ingrid Kapelle soprano, Henk van Heijnsbergen bariton, Limburg Symfonie Orkest cond. Ed Spanjaard)

* = no longer available.
CV = Composer’s Voice, Donemus label, Amsterdam.

Jan Vriend – Publications

Wiskunde & Komponeren (Mathematics and composing). Study of and introduction to Xenakis’s Stochastic Music – 1977. Was published in limited edition by ASKO, Amsterdam. Out of print but accessible on

Leren Luisteren naar Muziek (How to listen to music). ASKO, Amsterdam, 1979. Co-author and editor. A methodic introduction to contemporary music for teachers and children, centered around Octandre by Varèse. Comes with a cassette containing some 150 examples.

Nomos Alpha (for violoncello solo by Xenakis). Analysis and comments. In: Interface, Vol. 10, Swets & Zeitlinger, Amsterdam 1981.

Valse Stochastique? In: Regards sur Iannis Xenakis, Stock Musique, Paris 1981.

Het Muziekleven in Nederland (Musical life in the Netherlands). A critical viewpoint. In: Hollands Maandblad, Aug./Sept. 1982, Amsterdam.

Een Hypothese vanuit Stilstand (the still point hypothesis). Essay on the music of Edgard Varèse. In: De Bevrijding van de Klank – ASKO, Amsterdam 1982.

Heterostase (Jan Vriend 1980). Introduction and analysis. In: Interface, Vol. 16, Swets & Zeitlinger, Amsterdam 1987.

Le Monde Ouvert des Sons et ses Ennemies (the open sound universe and its enemies). Essay on Xenakis vs. Ferneyhough. In: EntreTemps 6, Paris, January 1988.

Top van de IJsberg (tip of the iceberg). Diary of an experience, 1968-91. Unpublished but quoted in Entr’acte No. 2, March 1992.

Jos Kunst, balling of kluizenaar? (Jos Kunst, exile or hermit?). Review of his life and works. In: Mens en Melodie, March 1997.

Borstlap Revisited. Riposte against a reactionary article by John Bortslap in Tijschrift voor Muziek, November 2003. In: Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie, November 2004.

Het Open Universum (the open universe). On the origins and achievements of the twentieth century avant-garde, September 2004 – Unpublished to date.

The Open Universe – English Translation by the author – October 2005. To open, click here. A Russian translation appeared in Muzyka v epokhu postmodernizma – Sbornik materialov mezhdunarodnoj nauchno-prakticheskoj konferencii (8-10 dekabrja 2005 g., g. Perm, PMU – ISBN 5-85281-283-4.

Musical Literacy (in defence of…) – unpublished essay on the decline of and need to restore musical understanding and intelligence. Tetbury 2009. But shortened and slightly edited version in Dutch (see below). To open click here.

Pleidooi voor Muzikaal Alfabetisme – abbreviated and edited version in Dutch of Musical Literacy (in defence of…) – De Revisor, letterkundig tijdschrift voor Nederland en Vlaanderen No. 4/5, 2009

Composing and Decomposing – genesis of an opinionated composer. A series of critical essays on an autobiographical platform – in preparation.