1967/69 INTROITUS for choir and wind ensemble

INTROITUS (1967/69) is, like Huantan, spatially-conceived for chorus and wind ensemble, somewhat along the lines of certain works by Berio or Kagel, and not unlike an earlier piece I wrote: Transformation I, which is also a rather free collage of musical and textual entities. Some theatrical instructions were added to the score to add festive flavor. This is an unusual episode in my career (but typical of the ‘sixties’) because in most of my subsequent works I went to great lengths to follow much stricter rules governing both architecture and the minutiae of detail. Introitus takes the form of a frivolous, more or less continuous development from total chaos to controlled order. It received its first performance in the Gaudeamus Music Week of 1970 by the Radio Chamber Choir and the Radio Wind Ensemble, but enjoyed a surprising comeback during a concert in Amsterdam by the Koor Nieuwe Muziek and the Barton Workshop in November 2003, in celebration of my 65th birthday. A recording was made by the Concertzender.