New CD

A new, double album was released on 11 November 2023 in Amsterdam to celebrate my 85th birthday. It contains chamber, orchestral and choral music. The album was issued by and is available from the label Attacca under ATT 2023167. It can also be accessed at my publisher Donemus with this link. The album contains:

  1. Anatomy of Passion (James and Joy Lisney) – 2004
  2. Critical Mass (Rubens Quartet) – 2008/9
  3. Event Horizon (Ralph van Raat and Maarten van Veen) – 2022
  4. Symphonic Dances (Joy Lisney) – 2013
  5. Phagocytosis (Radio Philharmonic cond. Misha Hamel) – 2007
  6. Echo 13.7 (Ralph van Raat with Holland Symfonia, cond. Otto Tausk) – 2006
  7. Ciudad de los Malditos (Brno Philharmonic Orchestra cond. Mikel Toms) – 2014
  8. Hymn to Ra (Capella Amsterdam, Ingrid Kapelle soprano, Henk van Heijnsbergen bariton, Limburg Symfonie Orkest cond. Ed Spanjaard) – 2002